Well jetlag is a bastard! It has never hit me like this before on the way over to Europe – it is usually a coming home thing. However, Branden is now with me, and we are suffering through it together. There is no way either of us could have started the Camino straight away.

We are staying in a fabulous little shoe box of an apartment right near the Cathedral ( the largest Gothic cathedral in the world) and no matter where you are the spire points proudly above the buildings and is a great landmark. The tiny laneways and streets are teeming with tourists and we spent some time yesterday sitting in little bars, eating (no, gorging) on local food and wine. Street theatre has been interesting and I’m loving the vibe! 

view of our private courtyard

We have a whole day of exploring ahead of us. Colleen will join us at lunchtime and las tres amigas will be set to go. Look out Seville…An Aussie, an American and and a Pom are about to be let loose. Did I mention how hot the Spanish men are?

(Colleen is our chaperone…she is happily married.)

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