Pre Camino thoughts..

It’s the eve of my next Camino and I’m sitting here overwhelmed with feelings. I will be away for a couple of  months and my poor little doggie is already sensing something. I feel so mean! He is my shadow and we go everywhere together. But I am being called again  and I have to go. 

Apart from this, I’m aware of the enormous responsibility of carrying people’s worries, cares and prayers on this journey through Spain. I have a few envelopes to take and burn at the end. They contain some intense  thoughts and love of some of my best friends who are going through tough times. I’m honoured to do it as the Camino is such a powerful place, a ‘thin’ place, and I seem to be able to tap into it so easily. I promise to do my best for you all. I am not religious but I will pray for you. After all, it is what the Camino is about, and it has for centuries, been a well trodden path for those wishing to have their sins absolved, their worries dissolved and their lives enriched. 

This probably doesn’t make sense to most of you, but those who have experienced the ‘soul’ journey of the Camino will fully understand. I am a little  concerned that I might be affected by the weight of some if the grief and worry that I have been asked to carry, but I feel I must do this. 

I have also been so humbled by the generosity of those that have donated to my charities. I walk for those that can’t and I will pray for Will and his family that something can be done to enrich his life. I believe that the money you donated will go towards some sort of computer game that he can hopefully interact with. The money for MND will go towards research into finding a cure for this dreadful disease that has infiltrated our family -twice!

Thank you everyone for supporting me. It is a daunting distance that I’ve chosen to walk and I will do my best to conquer it. I am so blessed and lucky to have this opportunity to help people. See you all on the flip side.

PS-if you go right to the bottom of the blog page, there is a box to tick. It will email you when I post something and you will be able to follow my progress. 

9 Replies to “Pre Camino thoughts..”

  1. Maggie… just think that you are training your doggie… he will know it’s ok for you to leave because you always come back… and there will be such tail wagging on your return.

    See you in Seville pilgrim 🙂

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