D Day has arrived!

Look at these Innocent and naively excited faces! 

We took this at the Cathedral in the dark this morning. Knowing we had a big day ahead, we left early. We walked to Santiponce and wandered around the beautiful 13th century monastery. It is being restored  and they are uncovering some beautiful frescos. It was stunning

We then walked on to to Italica to see the Oldest and largest Roman city outside Rome. Breathtaking to actually walk the corridors of the Amphitheatre ruins where the gladiators used to be. This place is huge and words or photos just don’t do it justice. Totally gob smacked!! I knew I was going to see this but had no idea just how cool it would be!

The rest of the day was spent dragging ourselves over a very long, mostly gravel path after walking on the roadside for several kilometres through industrial wasteland.  The sky was crystal blue, not a cloud in sight but the searing sun beat down on us relentlessly with no shade in sight. It was really tough and we have blisters because our feet were so hot.  Colleen and I bought sun reflective umbrellas and they are brilliant-extra light weight and so worth the money. This is like the meseta. 

Eventually we hobbled into town mid afternoon. We discovered we had walked nearly 28 kms today (including the visit to the monastery and Roman place). I know some of you would say ‘it’s not that hard’ but is is when you are carrying a backpack with all your gear for the next 6-7 weeks and it is so hot. 

green olives

This beautiful lady came out with chilled water and chairs for us because she saw through her window that we were spent. She is what is known as a Camino Angel. This is what we call people that appear unexpectedly with help. She gave us all a prayer card and asked us to take it to Santiago. 
our first Camino angel

2 Replies to “D Day has arrived!”

  1. Feel as though I am there with you although I am not unhappy to be missing out on the blisters and walking in the hot sun. The sun-reflexing umbrella is brilliant. Love your camino angel too. Hope the blisters disappear pronto. A big hug to you all. xxx


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