The Pilgrimage

Well today was full of surprises. I have to say I am completely over the Germans! They are everywhere and they treat this as a race. They get up BEFORE dawn, wake everyone else and then leave us in an exhausted heap. Even staying in a hotel doesn’t stop their noise. There was a whole group of them in the rooms around me last night. So, my day started early. I walked to Melide today. Home of the ‘supposedly’ best octopus in Spain, but I think the place in Sarria wins.

 I had an interesting morning. I have reached the area where the gum trees grow. 

 I was so overcome with homesickness when I first smelled them, that I didn’t notice the group of Americans watching me. One of them, Joe, came over to meet the crazy woman who was hugging the tree and crying, and asked if he could take my photo!! I scrunched a handful of leaves and gave it to him to smell. He just looked at me and laughed. We walked together for a while and I found he was part of a group doing the pilgrimage from Sarria to Santiago. They are travelling with their parish priest. We stopped at a cafe and I met the rest of the group, and Father Steve (who is only 35)! Lovely people.

I then walked the rest of the way with Father Steve and we had a great philosophical and very deep conversation. We went into a little church and prayed. 


I have more to say on this but I won’t post it just yet. I have organised something  with Father Steve as a surprise for Gerard, and I don’t know if he is reading my blog, so I have to keep this as a secret for now.  

I went off to find my hotel, and later as I was walking up the street, I heard my name called out again….it was Joe. I joined the group for an octopus lunch and Joe was laughing because he was so exhausted from trying to keep up with me. I have become a power walker it seems!  Now, I’m just chilling in a cafe as they have all walked on. What a fantastic day I’ve had. I love these chance meetings. Everyone seems to have such interesting stories. 

Right now, I feel like the luckiest person alive. Everyone should do the Camino. It is so humbling.

3 Replies to “The Pilgrimage”

  1. P.s. Wondering if you got my other posts cos this one s come up different on the screen! Who knows! I m very dim at this stuff! Xxm


    1. Yes Meggie. I got your beautiful messages. It is so nice to hear from home. I see the picture of you tucked away for the night! Sounds just perfect to me. I will have to come and visit you at the Goon when I get back! Thanks for the love. Stottie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Helloooooo Stotty! Once more a great read,thankyou! Will b interesting conversation with you, about the “humbling ” experience of The Camino…. I m drawn to this! Remembering Penny too saying that the Walk was incredibly life changing… I guess to each individual it is “different”, as are the reasons for doing it and the myriad of challenges it presents. I think this must vary too for people travelling in a group or alone…. I m wondering too about the religious and spiritual aspects… It is a Pilgrimage…mmmmm. I m thinking of you lots and the countdown of sleeps till you have reached the journeys end.. Accomplished an accomplishment and head back into the hustle and bustle…okay Margie , i m in bed reading now , snuggled up on a Goonie winters night,(made a very yummy curry for dins) and i m all done in!! Kevs cheering in the lounge, watching footy! How Melb. Can u get!!!? Okay then, tale good care! Bon Soir ma bonne Amie!xxm

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