Walked on my own today. I met some interesting characters, but enjoyed a stroll through the gum trees. Sorry it isn’t raining so the smell would be better, but I hung a sprig of blue gum leaves on my backpack, and as the straps rubbed on it, it released the smell of home. I also scrunched some leaves in my hand and stopped every now and again to smell them. The weirdest thing is that I found myself cringing as australian folk songs jumped into my head. I was singing Click go the Shears and Waltzing Matilda!!! WTF??  At one stage I was singing a French song I learned as a child “Avec mes Sabots”!  I think I’m going mad now. 


Came across this lady who was watering her veggie patch. The bottle on the end of her watering can was so she could easily fill it from the little stream nearby. Nothing is done in a hurry here and they recycle all their plastic. Here also is a little weather vane. 



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