A Nothing Day Really

Didn’t walk very far today and I found I was walking slowly. I don’t want this to end! I’m staying in a hotel tonight. It is really ordinary, slightly out of town and there is nothing much to see or do here. At least they have a laundry so I can wash my stinky clothes. I got so sweaty yesterday. I am wondering if this stench is ever going to leave me. My backpack stinks and everything I put in there is permeated as well. Suppose we are all smelly really. 
I’m dying for a high pressure shower, a pedicure, my cosy bed and clean smelling clothes, a cuddle with my dog, a poached egg, avocado, a plate of vegetables …. The list goes on. I’ve reached the barrier of living out of a suitcase. In this case it is worse coz I only have one change of clothes, so I’ve pretty much been wearing the pilgrim ‘uniform’. I have another 2 weeks or so before I fly home! Pity the person next to me on the plane. I feel that this travellers smell is never going to leave me!  
Just heard from Gerard. He is really sick and doing it tough. I will catch up with him again in two days time. Hope he is better by then. I don’t want to catch it and then have to fly! 
Right now, I’m sitting out the front of a little bar listening to my iPod and sipping a nice cold beer . It is hot again this afternoon, even though the day started out so foggy and cold. A bunch if Irishmen at the next table are drinking as only the Irish can do and I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m about to join them. Resisted so far but the Irish are so funny and I’ve been so good the last few days. Feel like a bit if a laugh !

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