A Little Bit Sad

 I organised my accommodation for the last 100 kms as it gets so busy. Because of this, I have to say goodbye to my lovely travel buddy Gerard. I feel like I’ve lost a limb! It has been so good being with someone who speaks a bit of Spanish, loves the adventure of just seeing what unfolds, and knows what to order and where to find food. He talks to everybody, and everyone just loves him. We will meet again in a few days so we can walk into Santiago together.Because I am so far ahead if myself, I have to stay another day in Sarria. It’s a bit boring here, but I can’t change my accommodation dates. I have to backtrack to Samos on the 25th. It’s ok though. I can use the extra rest day. Nothing much happened today. Had a quiet one. I did stop and speak to a pilgrim in the street as she looked exhausted. Noticed a laminated photo tied onto her backpack. It was her son who died last year and she was walking the Camino with him this way. We hugged and cried together and then she left. He only looked to be about 20. 

Nothing much more to say. I’m feeling sorry for myself at the moment, but that won’t last.

Next day…..Nah, I’m fine now. Said goodbye to Gerard this morning and it turns out it was just the saying goodbye part that was hard. I love being on my own and I love the freedom of it actually. Now that he’s gone, I’m more than okay. I will wander around town today and study my next week or so, have an early night and take off in the morning again.


The day ended up ok. Met Peter from Port Macquarie and spent the afternoon chatting with him. What a lovely person. Just had dinner with him and waiting for the sun to go down so I can go to bed and get going tomorrow morning. 

Give me strength!!! In a room with 3 men. Lights are out, and the young Korean uni student above me has had a lovely nap and decided to get up and sit in the chair next to me. He is charging his phone and EATING SOMETHING FROM A PLASTIC BAG!!! I should have taken up Peter’s offer to share his room!!

3 Replies to “A Little Bit Sad”

  1. I felt sad reading about the lady who lost her son. I hope doing the camino helps her a little. It would be very hard as you are far more physically exhausted too and everything is an effort so it is hard to imagine adding to all that. Hope you really enjoy the last 100 kms. What a wonderful adventure you have had! xxx

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    1. Yes I thought if you Ruth. The Camino gives you space though and life other than this does not seem to exist. Many people are doing if for emotional reasons and as it is so removed from real life, it is very healing


  2. Hi Stotty! Sad for you on your farewell to Gerard, of course meeting him and sharing this journey was meant to be.. And hopefully you will catch up with him down the track, maybe Down Under?…. I m watching Eurovision right now, i m such a Euro Trajic! I think i ve fallen in love with Conchita!! Saw a doco. On her last night and am smitten! This show is so kitsch ! They ve changed the Presenter to three goodlooking Austrians! Sooo disappointing, i was looking fwd to my same yr in yr out fav! Anyway i ll cope! Great to see u are too without the lovely Gerard! Onward and upward Margy!(tho i dont know how the terrain is! Maybe flat?!!) hope your last days on the trail are just as wondrous.. A big hug and a kiss to you! Xxm

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