Rest Day in Sarria

It’s Sunday and nothing is open. I have barely eaten anything -so full from all the stuff I’ve eaten with Gerard so I’m glad of a water day! Time to slow down. 

Staying in a really nice place here and Joseph the owner is lovely. He used to be a support /organizer for world motor bike racing and after walking the Camino in 2009, he gave it all up and set up this albergue/pensione . Complete change of pace and he loves it. He has a money tree outside the door… A little gold pouch containing 100 euros, hanging up in the tree. 

Also, little snacks called pintxos or tapas are served in the bars here with your drinks. Last night, we had a bowl of sunflower seeds, thus morning, bite sized cakes and croissants, this afternoon, little cakes with my coffee. Nice tradition 


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