A wander in the countryside

Wandered into Sarria yesterday after an absolutely beautiful walk through the woods. I could be anywhere in Britain. It was like ambling down an English or a Welsh country lane. Found this tree on the side of the path. People were just walking past and didn’t even notice how wonderful it is 


Stopped and talked to this lovely lady who was just out for a walk. She had hiking boots on and carried a stick but was walking the same pace as me, uphill too. She was so serene.


The colours of the countryside are stunning and the smell of the flowers so beautiful. However, the stench of cow poo is never far away!  


Also came across an art gallery in the middle of nowhere….beautiful watercolours

After a bit of a siesta following an enormous lunch of octopus and wine, we went in search of something else to eat. Came across a tiny little cake shop/bakery  hidden at the back of a building. Easy to walk past unnoticed, but we went in and bought dessert and lunch for the next day. 


Ended up in a bar and began to peruse the menu. Unusually, they had an English one which had some funny translations 


I ordered the attacked mushrooms to see what they were. Assuming they translated that as “assaulted” instead of salted!! And can anyone please tell me what ‘cockle to the sailors blouse’ could be? I didn’t order the ‘perfect’ asparagus either.  Chatted to and got caught up with a couple of Irish men – Connor the doctor and James the engineer. Gerard tried to keep up with them, even though I warned him it is impossible to keep up with the Irish. Needless to say, it is now 9.30am, he is still asleep and nursing a huge hangover. We didn’t get home till 1.30. I stayed sober (older and wiser)!

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