Up in the clouds now. What beautiful countryside this is. Noticeable temperature drop with the height of the mountains. It is so beautiful. It really is like Ireland here in o’Cebreiro and. I’m loving the music. I wandered around yesterday afternoon and had a really long chat to a young Polish guy called Piotr. We sat on the wall listening to music and we had a beer together. I was wondering how he could afford to travel if he was Polish, but he works for an Irish company and lives in Frankfurt. He is paid in euros so he is lucky. He travels the world every time he gets holidays. I love chatting to these people. Everyone has a story. They are out like me to see things and have adventures…not just sit around at home. I met a few Aussies today, one of them a real bogan from the Gong (sorry Kim) . I was quite embarrassed to be seen with him.


I’ve had yet another adventure. I was sitting in the bar, and there was an old ‘bar fly’ propped up in the corner who was looking at us. He couldn’t speak English, and I wandered over for a photo. He grabbed me and I pretended to kiss him on the cheek, but he thought his luck had changed! From then on, he kept leering at me and grabbing my bum. I went into the kitchen to help the other guy wash the dishes, and he had a go too. Lucky I was near the door. Made a quick getaway but every time I turned around, they were there in the background. It was all harmless fun, but I was really glad for Gerard’s company and I locked the bedroom door last night. 


     the bar fly and his mate  

  The town itself is absolutely beautiful and shrouded in mist. It is really cold, but warm inside the old stone buildings. We got in at about 2pm, and the town filled up so quickly. Accommodation is hard to get! Had a chat to a group of young people in the bar who arrived about 3 and couldn’t get a bed. They spent the afternoon in O’Cebreiro, but had to call a taxi to take them to the next town to sleep. The Camino is unseasonably busy and the locals seem unprepared for it.

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