Well, the walk from O’Cebreiro was hard-a lot of it on the roadside. There was a particularly hard hill to climb and I stood at the top for a while watching the pilgrims gasping for air as they reached the peak, red faced and totally exhausted. We decided to stay there for the night. There was no heating in our “basic” rooms and it was about 2degrees (snowing not so far away) and as it was atop a mountain, it was windy as well, so the chill factor was extreme. Everyone who knows me, knows that I don’t feel the cold, so it must have been really freezing, as I hardly slept a wink. I could not get warm. My clothes stink and I desperately needed to wash them, but they would not have dried. 

condensation on the window next to my bed
     We had a bit if a wild night again last night, sitting in the cafe by the fire. We met an Irish mother and daughter who are walking the Camino together. Lovely thought, but mum hates the walking! They were so hilarious and Laura, the daughter, had a beautiful singing voice. She sang Sarah Brightman songs! Irish people just make me laugh so much!  

   Really tired today, but it was such a wonderful walk. I could have been anywhere in England, Wales or Ireland. The moss on the trees, the little birds, the plants that look like heather and the forget me knots, all so beautiful. And always, the clanging of the cowbells, ringing through the air. It’s freezing and I had on three layers of clothing!!! ME! 

We sat in a little stone cafe somewhere along the trail, and I took photos of a farmer moving his cattle through the town. Big, squishy soft nosed cows. They were lovely.

 We made another stop further down the road, and a lady cane in who knew a Gerard. He had talked about Lyn a lot, but I had no idea it was the Aussie Lyn that I had met in Pamploma, so it was a really good reunion.  Lyn comes from Queensland. We had a very deep and meaningful chat, a really memorable moment in an Albergue a few weeks ago, and it seems we had been wondering about each other all this time….just one of those random conversations that leave a lasting impression.  Lovely to see her again, so we walked the rest of the way to Triacastela together. 

Just got back from the restaurant after another yummy meal. I went to mass with Gerard, and he has now gone off to meet people and have another drink, but I’m in the Albergue waiting for my washing to finish.  Just watched a German guy put the disposable sheet and pillow case on his bed….laughing about putting on his ‘condom’. 11 of us in this room (only two girls) so there will be lots of snoring and farting probably tonight!

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  1. That cold weather would have finished me off. It’s lovely reading about it but, this time, I’m very glad that I’m here and warm! The people all sound lovely though. Love Ruth xxx


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