Another great day….

Had another late night last night so slept in a bit this morning. The place was like a ghost town as all the pilgrims had left at dawn as usual. We decided to just start walking and see where we ended up, and when we reached the fork in the road, took the scenic route as opposed to the faster road route. Such a good decision. It was absolutely beautiful and we hardly saw anyone. The path took us through wine plantations, surrounded by fruit laden cherry trees. The wild flowers are in full bloom, roses everywhere and the smell of honeysuckle wafted through the air the whole way. The vegetation has changed to a more English look with lots of oak trees and English flowers. There is fluffy pollen of some sort floating around. It is sticky and looks like froth. When it lays on the ground, it looks like snow. So pretty. We walked through a tiny medievil village. It almost look deserted, but there were some characters busy in their gardens etc. everyone stops to talk. It is lovely. Very hilly now, and we are in another wine growing region. We stopped to fill our water bottles and have a snack, and Gerard hung up his hammock. Very hard to get moving again


hard to see but pollen is floating in the air above the tree
weird sign… looks like paedofiles live here!
walking through vineyard country
swinging in the hammock on a beautiful sunny day
 I stopped and recorded the sounds of the forest, with the cuckoo in the background, but for some reason, I can’t upload video into my blog. I’ll put it on Facebook. 

Now staying on the edge of a really quaint old town. This is the view from my window


view from my room

The mountains are looming again now. Big day tomorrow.

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  1. Ah, those hammocks. Very dangerous to get into one and then expect to do anything afterwards, I find. In South America, people use them on the boats that sail along the Amazon and they sleep there, eat there and basically use them as a home for a few days. In the north of Colombia, they are where you sleep for a few nights as you walk to the Cuidad Perdida. I prefer mine next to the spa. When it’s hot, lie in there, read a book and, bingo, siesta!
    The countryside looks gorgeous and the weather lovely. Was good here over the last few days and 20 degrees and sunny today. However, that’s the end of the great weather for now…
    Caught up with Karen, Mrs Frank’s daughter today. She is off to Germany for 3 months manana and where she lives, near the coast in the north, she says there is a pilgrim path you can walk too. Long daylight hours at this time of year. About 4am to 11pm. Imagine how tired you could get walking for all that time! Ha ha.
    Love Ruth

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  2. Hi again, not sure if u got my comment on “Another Good Day””? Maybe its just taking a while to reach you, hope so! Love meg x i m not good at this stuff!


  3. Wow! So love reading yr blog Stotty! Will miss it when you come home! Ha! Ha! You d better just keep travelling!walking around the globe , tho a think would b hard to find another Camino?! Penny said she s considering one in Portugal and a friend from bookclub said she s doing a Peace Walk, so i m wondering if that is the same? I know they are both in around the same part of Europe, least I think they are… Its half past four in the mning here and i hopped up cos i was continually coughing, waking poor patient Kev up with my cough, cough , coughing! He didnt complain but i feel quite guilty as he has a lot of trouble sleeping with his back pain et al…anyway as i went intothe kitchen my ph bipped and happily i found it was you! ( not another Coles email!) hooray! I ve had another Cepacol and i ve settled down a bit but will wait for a while before i trot back to bed… Its amazing being able to communicate like this! The other night i was “talking” to my friend Annie in Paris, my friend Jackie in Taiwan , Penny in Bali and you!! Truly incred!!! I loved your blog named Food(!) of course Iwould! It looked 5 star! Bet it tasted just as good! I made a banana cake tonight (donna hay) as the Ash and Jack are coming tomorrow/today!) will b trickey keeping a distance from them with this bug , Sarah coulnt wk last week as i had it then too and wasnt up to looking after them and didnt want to pass on these germs! Ce la vie! In melb winter! Okay then must stop prattling, nothing scintillating to tell! I loved the photo of you in the hammock! What a happy face!! Looking fwd to yr next chapter! Sleep well! I cant ! Love megxxxx


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