Today whilst wandering around, I heard my name again! It was Margot, one of the Australians who has been travelling with Gillian Liefman. They were all going too fast, so she has stayed behind and enjoyed walking on her own and really looking at stuff. We had a drink together in the town square. 

The scenery has changed a lot now. Up in the mountains again, amongst pine forests. Travelling with Gerard again and it just feels comfortable. We get on so well together.  He loves food, so whenever we get somewhere, he finds the best food places. We ended up on the edge of town in what seemed like a really dodgy cafe….but there was a really posh restaurant at the back! We had grilled steak, a real gourmet salad and the best dessert ever! 


 on the way home, we heard rock music so we went down the side street to see what was happening. Lo and behold… A rock concert in full swing! We hung around and chatted to the security guys but they wouldn’t let us in, so we went up onto the hill and watched it from a distance. The music was incredible!  It was then that we spied some people on a balcony who had a really great view, so we tried to get them to let us up there too, but they didn’t :(.  The security guys took pity on us and eventually let us in (for free) and we had a ball. Their music was fantastic! We danced and I photo bombed people. It was so much fun. Got home at about 1.30 in the morning.  
So tired today. We got up really late (about 9 o’clock) and went downstairs for a coffee. The lady in the kitchen was preparing meat for today’s  menu (attacking it viciously with a tomahawk!!! ) there were two old gay guys I the restaurant as well, and as we left, they burst into song.   “We’ll meet again don’t know where don’t know when”. They were very funny and so out of place.

  found that our street had been turned into a farmers market! Gerard stocked up on salty beef and then we set off on the road? 


Not long down the road, we came across an old lady with a scythe, trying to trim her lawn. Gerard stopped and finished it for her. So kind. 

We really took our time today and are now in a lovely old town called Cacabelos. By the time we got here, We were so exhausted. The late night caught up with us…      Lunched on yummy octopus, visited the beautiful church and now about to go out for a meal. Loving this life! 



  Well. Had steak again, in a restaurant on the edge of town. Beautiful! Then we went to a bar where we befriended Abel, a Spanish/Mexican who was born in England.  Got home again after midnight? Uh oh! 



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