Can’t Help Myself, I Like my Comfort!

Well, I’m in Astorga now. It is a huge town. I always head for the cathedral and then find somewhere nearby to sleep. Every town has a cathedral in the town square, so it is very central. I was busy looking up at the bells in the tower and heard my name called out again….it was Gerard!…staying in the Gaudi Hotel no less. Rachel his girlfriend leaves tonight. We had a quick catch up and then I went exploring. 

Found a really nice hotel in the next street… Afraid I have champagne taste but a beer budget. It is really nice. I don’t mind staying in albergues but it is wonderful to have a bit of space, privacy, and real sheets!  

Old fashioned shutters on the window, a huge bathroom all to myself -luxury.  I went for a wander and look what I found in the supermarket! Yum! 

Met up with Gerard and Rachel again in a bar for tapas/pintxos.! He really knows food and where to go, it was amazing! The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the front plate for instance was bread with apple, fois gras, strawberry sauce and can’t remember what else. Tasted incredible. We also had octopus, fish, beef…….Oh yum. I’ve missed his foody ways.


One Reply to “Can’t Help Myself, I Like my Comfort!”

  1. I look forward each day to reading your Camino commentaries Marg. What a wonderful experience you are having. Hope you dont mind but I am forwarding them on to my brother in law in Sicily who has done the Camino twice and I know would love to do it again. Take care.

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