This is the life-so simple!

You just get up in the morning, put the sack on your back like a shell, and go…my blisters are really bad but my body is fine. Had to buy some new shoes today. I think I had worn the others in too much! Resting this afternoon in Los Arcos. 

This walk is hitting all the senses.  There are always cowbells clanging, little birds chirp all day, and I even heard a cuckoo yesterday. The spring flowers smell so beautiful. The feel of the rocky, sometimes slippery path under you feet just grounds you, and the scenery is absolutely breath taking. Yesterday, the vultures were circling threateningly above and I was very careful not to limp and look vulnerable! They really are the size of pterodactyls and the bare bones on the side of the path are a constant reminder of what they do to their pray!

The Camino community is so friendly and it has been fun sitting in the town square recognising people and sitting with them and chatting over a beer or coffee etc. food has been incredible and we all went out last night for a really good meal in a restaurant.  I have met so many characters and haven’t laughed this much in ages. Might go to the pilgrim mass and blessing again tonight-just being in these churches is an experience. Everything is so old, rugged and beautiful.

I have been travelling with a couple of Irish ladies-can’t stop laughing! As we left one Albergue, checking that we hadn’t left anything behind, Evelyn commented that (read this in an Irish accent) ” the only thing I’ve left behind is in their toilet, and even that was generous to a fault!” Spoze you had to be there, but it was very funny because it was so unexpected. She is absolutely hilarious. I think it’s just the accent, but everything she says makes me laugh.

Staying in a private Albergue tonight  in Los Arcos. I have my own room and ensuite, and joy of joys, sheets and blankets instead of sleeping bag. A touch of luxury!

One Reply to “This is the life-so simple!”

  1. The photo’s are wonderful and your commentary makes me feel I am there with you. I’m guessing that your outward contemplation of your surroundings are also triggering off inward reflections. In those terms would you say this journey has been a learning experience in terms of personal growth? Thank you again for sharing. 🙂


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