Have a bit of a blister on the back of my heel after changing the insole on my boot and it rubbed yesterday. Decided not to walk today and continued on by taxi. Had a guided tour of Pamploma and surrounds -even though I couldn’t understand much, but such a lovely taxi driver. Didn’t charge me extra and took me to see the iron statues so I wouldn’t miss out. Then he took me to  Puenta la Reina where I am staying in a fantastic Albergue . Got a room for myself and three of my travelling mates (2texans and a pom). We have our own bathroom! Such luxury tonight!  Unfortunately I will have to sleep on the top bunk as they deserve the lower beds after walking for 8 hours today.



I really don’t think it matters how much you train for this, nothing can prepare you for what you face , and your body adjusts very quickly. The only problems I can see would be twisted ankles on the rocks, buggered knees from the steep downhill walks, or the dreaded blisters.

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