I have no idea what day it is and I really don’t care…

It must be about 3 or 4 days since I last posted. I am finding that the longer I walk, the less I have to say. Each day it is the same…. You get up early, and walk until your feet ache so much that you are delirious. Three weeks ago, I would have passed out at the thought of walking over 20kms day after day, but now it just seems natural.

Blisters are a bastard!!  I have been walking slowly but the blisters are better now and it was easier today. I have treated myself to the Parador (posh hotel) tonight and have just had a bubble bath! I have a real bed with sheets and I’m sure I will get a good night’s sleep.  I quit every night but then get up in the morning totally revived and ready for another day.

The scenery changes so quickly and I had no idea Spain was so hilly! I have walked through the Rioca wine district with its rich red clay soil today. It caked the bottom of my boots and stuck like ‘shit to a blanket’  (as my dad would say). It must have added another kilo onto my weight and it was really tough going. 

The day began with a walk through the woods. The air was really fresh and the sheep were just being let out into the paddocks. 


I climbed hills, walked along gravel roads, clay paths and sometimes concrete. A hard day but I feel great. I have been hanging out with some really funny Irish people and the evenings have been a bit wild but so much fun. Our group is beginning to split up a bit now, so things will change again. I had intended to go slowly with shorter walks but I didn’t want to lose the group as we have all been having so much fun. We walk till about 3or 4 each day, settle into the Albergue and then meet for dinner and ‘craic’ at 7ish in the town square.  

The last few days have all blended into one. The tapas, or pintxos, are beautiful. About 1euro each and you just keep eating till you are full. Really good way to taste the local food. Wine is really nice too and it is such a cheap way to eat. Below is a sample of the pilgrim menu which is usually 10 euro ( including dessert and wine)  I have no idea why this photo of my bedroom appeared…sorry!


  And here are some other photos of stuff along the way. I’m hungry and off to party now 


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  1. How blissful it all seems (apart from the blisters of course). You have inspired me to make sure I take the “slow road” when I am in Wales. Xx

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