It seems I’m turning into a Spanish senora quite quickly. I’ve been here two weeks and already I find that I am becoming a local. The waiter answered me in Spanish yesterday and I sat back with a smile on my face to equal that of Luna Park! ‘I’ve made it! I’m a legend’ I thought…but then he brought me something unrecognizable and totally not what I thought I was getting. At least the pronunciation must have been right, so I just sat back in all my magnificentness and basked in the glory of it all. I was feeling pretty chuffed anyway. The sun was shining, I had food on the table and all was well with the world.

Also, I’m beginning to know people. A man in the post office recognized me from the other day in a cafe, and he came over to talk to me. Walking down the street, I now bump into people I actually know, and today we bumped into our landlord Jesus, so we went for a coffee together. I’m feeling part of a community and it is awesome fun.

There was a large protest in town yesterday and I felt a little nervous. It seemed to be political so I moved away. There was a lot of yelling

Wandered down to Pilgrim House again with Monica and my Aussie friend Penny who has been staying with us, and we waited there for Amie to join us. My little band of women is gathering, growing and getting stronger! There is no friendship like a camino bond and we support and love each other like sisters.

I don’t know where the day goes and as I write this blog, I note that it is 7pm and I have had the obligatory siesta and I’m ready for a drink or two. I swore last night I would drink water all day today but that idea went out the window at lunch time as we devoured a plate full of prawns and washed them down with some very tasty local wine.

I’ve really enjoyed having my friend Penny to visit and I miss her already. She is winging her way back home to Bali right now. As last night was her last in Spain, we celebrated. I brought some games with me so we played Cards Against Humanity and What Meme is That. Poor Monica had to look up some of the words and she is now worried about what people would think if they searched her google history. (For those that don’t know, that game gets a little raunchy!)

Penny reading the questions out

Penny left early today so Monica and I went into town and had breakfast with Amie again. She was leaving for Seville before lunch but I managed to get a couple of photos

I don’t have much else to write about really. My days are passing way to quickly and I start school on Monday. I believe we have a school excursion on Monday night so that should be fun. I’ll finish here with some random photos.

Horse at the pub in our village
Waiting at the bus stop
Sheep and goats in the field near the pub
Watching sunset from the kitchen
Kaia- Gonzalo’s dog

Veggie patch gardening-note plastic bags on his feet
No crusts on the bread in the supermarket
Weird thing in my glass.only appeared in the photo-not in real life!

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  1. Well done Maggie…nice blend of events with humor. Never heard of those crazy Aussie card games but they sound like fun. Wondering if any of your American friends noticed like I did the BIMBO brand name of the packaged bread. You’d get sued in America today if you named your product that. The worlds a funny place 😉

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