Another Perfect Day

I did it again. Sat up last night for two hours honing my writing skills and making sure there was slight humour included in the magnum opus I produced within that two hour effort. I accidentally deleted it this morning because I hadn’t saved it!!! I don’t know how many times I have done this…so frustrating. I now have to rewrite it.

The day began quite slowly with Monica and I keen to walk into a local village that was having a fiesta. We had clear instructions of how to get there and of course we went the wrong way, but it turned out to be a bonus in disguise. The path led us through a really old part of the village, past crumbling buildings and lovely hórreos. We took heaps of photos and noticed the curious locals popping heads out of windows as we were obviously not from around these parts. One lady put on her gumboots and followed us until I turned around and said ‘hola’ and ‘Buenas dias’. She was happy then and trotted off home we also heard music and took a detour to find out what was happening. We came across these lovely people dressed in traditional costume and singing as they wound their way to the church. There is a fiesta for everything in Spain and always something going on.

Missed the mass because we went the wrong way, but met a few people outside the church. One lady randomly came up to me, kissed me on both cheeks and then turned to her husband, obviously telling him that she had no idea who I was or why she did that, and we all walked off laughing. Random acts of kindness!

Of course Monica began talking to people again and I think she was trying to communicate to the guy on the horse that his horse was beautiful, but I’m sure she told the man that he was handsome. I think she meant to compliment his horse but he trotted off looking like he was sitting a little more upright and he had a huge smile on his face.

We stand out like dogs balls here, especially Monica with her blonde hair and bright scarves.

The local church was gorgeous and the frescoes inside looked so old. I left monica to sit and pray for a bit and then we made our way home again, this time taking the correct road, and it only took 5 minutes instead of half an hour. the afternoon was fun too. Gonzalo took us to his country house and then we went out for lunch. Knowing how much I miss Asian food here, he took us to a Chinese restaurant (a rare thing in Galicia) and we gorged on noodles and vegetables etc. Yum.

They dropped me off in town and I walked down to the pilgrim office to meet someone. She had read my book and used my new diary that I published earlier this year. We met, I took her to her hotel and arranged to meet her in the morning for breakfast.

There was a book fair on near the bus stop.

I met some more musicians on the way homeand then when I got there, found our casa in full party mode with neighbours and our landlord (Jesus) at the head of the table. Great way to end a day….new friends, food, wine and laughterb

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  1. Wonderful read and I just love the pictures. I will see you all in July, in the meantime, I am happy and a tad envious of your adventure right now. I love Galicia and love Santiago, but I fully understand the move out of the city. Light and Love to you and Monica and Gonzales and all the people that are making the transition for M. light hearted and full of love.

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