Easter Sunday in Santiago…What a Day!

Easter celebrations and rituals continued and on Easter Sunday, I watched yet another street parade. It was quite spectacular and colourful, and even though the city is packed, it was easy to get a good vantage point as the parade continued through the streets and into the square in front of the cathedral.

A Facebook friend, Lee, was in town and we met briefly before the parade and then for a coffee and chat down by the pilgrims office.

My friend Penny and her daughter, Jane walked into Santiago yesterday from the Inglés Camino as well, so they appeared at the same time and we hung out together for the day.

This was the beginning of an epic day of sightseeing around town. Gonzalo met us when he had finished work and we walked through lots of local parks

We went to the Cultural Centre up on the hill ( I think it is super ugly but Penny quite liked it.) It does have an amazing view though. 

Then we had lunch and dinner

Went bar hopping around town in between all this and by the time we had finished we were rattling around the streets on our own! Easter crowds had dispersed, the streets were empty except for our noisy wanderings between the bars. What a day! I think a penny and Jane have seen more than the average pilgrims in Santiago and we have certainly tasted some lovely wines.

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