What Song is That?

Sitting in a cafe eating my 5 euro English breakfast (Spanish versión), I find myself deep in thought.

After noticing and smiling at the realisation that at breakfast time here, you are only ever given children-sized cutlery, I sipped my coffee and felt a chill. The radio came on and played “Take it Easy” and then I knew….Steve was with me again. He loved the Eagles. I’ve been contemplating the thought that I must face life again soon back at home. I’m also highly emotional this morning with tears running down my face at the thought that I also need to make the heart breaking decisión of saying goodbye to my little dog Rusty. He is old and frail, deaf and nearly blind. He is my shadow and we have been through heaps together, but I fear it’s time to let him go. The radio is now playing “If you Leave me Now” by Chicago. The words are so appropriate!

Someone is wheeling a suitcase past the cafe, the rhythm of the wheels rolling over the pavement cracks sounds like a heartbeat. Where did this melancholy come from?

I’ve already had two conversations this morning with significant people in my life, people I love to connect with. I was feeling good, and then the Steve thing happened, then the news that my little Rusty is not in peak form. I actually feel broken right now. I’m ok but just venting to clear my head. Leonard Cohen (the love of my life) is now singing “Hallelujah”. It is comforting. Miraculously, I feel better.

Huey Lewis and the News follow with “The Power of Love”, so I pulled myself together over another coffee and noticed “Baby it’s Alright” playing in the background. I seem to have a narrative going on. How weird. Should I stay or should I go? I’m kinda curious to see what comes on next.

It’s “Come on Get Moving, let’s Rock and Roll” (a stupid saying that Steve used to say a lot). So there is the message…. Pull yourself together and get on with your day.

I have a good day ahead of me. The sun is shining it’s beautiful golden glow over the stone village of Santiago and I will go to the square today to greet Pattie Pie and Ángela Bowater as they arrive. Hopefully I will see Tony and Ray again on their return from Finisterre as well.

Maybe I just need to leave this cafe…they are playing old music, and besides, Jimmy Barnes is screaming, now so I know it’s time to leave. Haha.

Don’t worry family…I was just having a moment. I’m fine😃

4 Replies to “What Song is That?”

  1. Hi Stotty, just read your blog… yes our well being, moods can change in a few moments , and we feel stumped and bewildered, wondering how we got to this sad place- and why.. and of course, some deep, meaningful discussions can lead us here and provoke thoughts which may be hard to deal with- and the thought of letting your dear Rusty boy go is huge- he has been so loyal to you, and you for him… very very sad Stotty .
    Wish I could give you a big hug, but I can t so here s an emoji! Not quite the same!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💜
    Take care dear friend, love meg xxxxxxxxx

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