Where did That Day Go? Look

I lost Wednesday!

It’s so confusing when you are away from regular routine.

I’ve been back in Santiago for a couple of days now and time seems to just float into the ether.

I met a couple of Aussie guys from Lord Howe Island the other day, and I keep bumping into them all the time. What are the odds in a town like this that is crawling with tourists and pilgrims?! They have just arrived at the restaurant I’m dining in tonight too.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Gonzalo, and Rui, a Portuguese friend I know through FB. It was nice to actually meet him and chat. Gonzalo took us to a restaurant in the hills behind Santiago that is only known by locals and we shared a chuleton (1kg steak). Rui was in heaven! (Almost like he had eaten grandma’s famous biscuits!!!)

It was really good but we missed our mutual American friend Tanya and sent her a couple of photos.Wish you were here Tanya!!! We raised our glasses to you. 🍷

That evening, I walked through the Cathedral. It seemed I was the only one there so I was able to take a few good photos.

That rope and the botofumeiro
St James overseeing the goings on in the cathedral
And of course, the shiny botofumeiro

I sat in a front pew looking up at the botofumeiro but I sensed a weird presence around me and almost felt that there was some ‘force’ pushing me to get up and leave, so I did. It was very strange.

I then went for a walk through the streets down to Alameda Park, taking lots more photos. I love the light here and the streets were glistening and deserted because it had been raining all afternoon…..So beautiful.

Today, I slept in. I took my washing to a laundromat, and spent an hour or so chatting to other pilgrims. Bit of a quiet but not boring day.

Weirdly, I had a yearning to do some drawing, even though I don’t have any artistic talent, so I went in search of some pencils and drawing pad. I had to walk to the edge of town to get them and by the time I got back, the mood had left me, so I put them in my room and walked down to the park again through the crowded streets of old town.

It was really windy but a beautiful walk, and on the way back, I dropped in to Pilgrim House, a drop in Centre for pilgrims.

Another bronze statue-I love this about Spain

A different view of the Cathedral

At Pilgrim House

I had listened to Dan Mullins latest podcast last night which was an interview with Steve Watkins, an American guy who is volunteering there with his wife Dana for couple of months, so I took the opportunity to pop in and meet him. It was closing time, so we went for a drink and chat. Awesome fun. Thank you Dan for yet another connection!

I sat in a restaurant for dinner tonight and after chatting to the Aussie guys again, I overheard some Americans talking about Rui, so I went over and joined them. They told me they had all been to school together and had known each other for 63 years!!! That’s real friendship eh?

So, another day came to an end. No plans but a surprisingly enjoyable day spent mostly walking and meeting people. For some reason, I seem to attract lost people. I also spent a lot of time walking people to places when they are lost. They tell you their life story in 5 minutes, as if it’s normal to do so! I guess it actually is here though. That’s what we do on the camino!

4 Replies to “Where did That Day Go? Look”

  1. I’ve heard a couple of life stories on the Camino. The surprising part is that they were from relatively total strangers. At the time, it was the normal and natural thing to do. Not weird at all. My problems seemed minuscule compared to what these pilgrims had lived through. Hearing their stories gave me perspective and I’m forever grateful for them sharing so openly.


  2. Love your swaggering storytelling style and poignant pics. Travelling vicariously with you now but being there done that too in 2017
    Miss your ease of explaining encounters. Take care. Carol Maynard


  3. I absolutely loved waking up to this today.
    I don’t know if it was by chance or you’d actually sent this again…..

    What a wonderful story & beautiful memories of your time in Santiago.

    Two other things, I have G’s gift safety here. Do you prefer I post it or keep it until I see him?
    The other thing is more important.
    G gave me a gift for you. I took it to Sydney & left it in my case to keep safe…. So safe that the morning I was leaving I opened the case & there it was!!! Anyway with hectic last few hours I gave the gift to my Maggi for safe keeping & to post. I said I’d pass on your address anyway I keep forgetting to mention it to you. Today is the day.
    Can you please send me your Brisbane address so the much ‘cared’ for gift can come your way.

    Much love for a peaceful Easter xxx


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