Frustrated with the internet

A couple of my ladies aren’t well so the rest of the group walked on and we taxied forward a little bit to cut the distance for the day. We enjoyed a quick wander around the turrets of the castle, enjoyed the view, had a coffee and then moved on.

Katy and me

We ended up just outside Redondela in a hotel on the waterfront with a really magnificent view. Two balconies with deck chairs banana lounges, and board games, comfy beds and a feeling of ‘I’d like to stay longer’. We sat around using Katy’s cards while our freshly washed socks and smalls flapped on the clothesline in the sun, revelling in the luxury. It was, I think, a favourite place.

I sat and watched the sunset and was treated to a sunrise in the morning too.

We left a lot earlier and had a terrific walk through mostly forest. Came across some interesting things, especially the ?crime scene that we stumbled across.

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