What a beautiful walk

Last night, I had a visit from the travel agent that had helped me organize this trip. We’ve had a few things go wrong so she checked in to make sure all is well. Katy and her husband arrived and we are now a band on 7 women and one man. We have to transfer a few times to fit this trip into 10 days, and the car turned up late so we didn’t start until later which meant that once again we would be walking in the heat of the day. Bad idea!

All varying ages and fitness, we have now worked out who are the fast running deer and who are the tortoises. I seem to always support the arse end of the group because I take too many photos and stop to watch butterflies and birds, listen to nature or talk to the many cats, dogs, horses and goats. I had many a conversation today.

Walking with katy, Tony and Moira, we played the game of “guess that poo” as we came across some that looked just like kangaroo poo! Whose was it? Camino delirium was kicking in.

Today was fun. We walked along the road quite a bit but often had great views of the ocean.

The sea was deep blue, and noisy as it violently thrashed against the rocks and I found a very eager fisherman standing on the edge holding his long rod😳

We stopped for lunch at a hotel near the end of our road walk and realized that we were only half way. Those red plastic chairs are such a welcome sight!

Later on we met Joseph the well dressed Italian pilgrim who was travelling light in his skimpy nylon shorts (obviously going commando) and perhaps even wearing his wife’s long socks and even carrying her umbrella. Regretfully, I didn’t take a photo of him … Thought it a bit pervy! He took a photo of us though…

The next kilometer or so was spent imagining what he did for a living and making up stories about what his life must be like. The heat was taking its toll on us.

There was a beautiful forest walk and I sighed with relief as we climbed the hill. It opened out to a stunning view and I could once again breathe the eucalyptus air and listen to the sound of crunching pine needles under my feet. It was scorching hot so it was doubly wonderful.

Tony has had me nearly wetting myself with his corny but very funny one liners and Katy, Moira and I had some very deep discussions today.

The scenery has been absolutely beautiful. Spent last night in beautiful Baiona. Having such a great time. Im sorry I haven’t blogged every day as I usually do but there just hasn’t been time! This is Baiona…

9 Replies to “What a beautiful walk”

  1. Feeling nostalgic about my Camino that now seems like only yesterday… Can’t wait to get back walking the Camino… Enjoy…. Marie


  2. it all looks absolutely amazing and oh much I wish I was walking myself. your photos are fab. and yes, I always end up at the back too…loads of photos (imperative) and conversations with anything that stands still long enough LOL Glad all the issues ironed out. buen camino


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