Chance Encounters

After the bed bug affair, I decided to stay in an apartment, thinking that whoever slept in the bed/s I abandoned, would now be carrying bugs! I found a really nice place, and after showering, I went into town for a feed. I was just putting the key in the lock on my return, when an Aussie voice behind me asked if there was anyone at the desk. She had gone for the day but we got chatting and ended up having a beer around the corner. Simon is not a German, and I am not in trouble. He is just a fair dinkum Aussie guy who turned out to be great company. He is a travel agent and was checking out accommodation. I offered him my spare room with the huge king sized bed and we ended up cooking some pesto pasta with some broccoli that I had bought as I felt the need for some carbs and greens. He went and bought a bottle of red and we sat up chatting till nearly midnight. He was such great company and it was so nice to chat with someone from home. Next morning, we had breakfast together and parted ways. What a wonderful chance encounter! I walked on through forests and over a couple of mountains and ended up at the Parador. It had to be done! It called me with its ‘siren song’ and I couldn’t help myself.

Paradores are a chain of posh hotels in Spain, usually in old castles etc and are filled with antique furniture and grand red carpets in the hallways and on staircases. It provided me with eggs for breakfast and I sat back and enjoyed every mouthful !

My feet were killing me. These shoes are not the right fit even though I walked them in before I left. I just want to amputate my little toe. It always gives me grief and it’s so hard to enjoy a walk when you are in pain. So the parador lured me into its web and I luxuriated in crisp embossed sheets, air conditioning and total luxury. I hobbled into the bar and joined a group of Aussies who are walking with Raw Travel, and shared a meal and some wine with them. It turned out to be a wonderful evening.

After my comment about Jesus, Christianity seems to be poking at my consciousness. One of these Aussie guys is an Anglican priest. He had me saying grace before eating and we had a lengthy discussion about his interest in medieval beliefs, Druidism and Christianity in general. Hmmm…. I can’t be converted though!

Today I walked on and I’m now in Caldas de Reis, a beautiful riverside town with crappy wifi. I’m staying in a grotty pension and I’ve come down a peg or two since last nite.

Found a hole in the wall bar and I’m eating an empanada of dubious content…tastes fishy. I’m washing it down with plenty of wine and just enjoying the vibe. You know about ‘the vibe’ eh Aussies? It’s a stone room under the bridge, and I’m here because it seems that it is full of locals…always a good sign. I find their translations so funny…apparently you can order a dozen knives (12 euros) for an entree! Is that expensive? Is it a bargain? Should I order them?

I asked for a glass of wine and everyone else seems to actually have glasses, but I was given a bowl that was filled theatrically with a twist and a flourish! Don’t know why I have this privilege but I had to have another so I could film it. I’m the only one here with a bowl of wine😳

(double click and the video works )

5 Replies to “Chance Encounters”

  1. How much fun it seeems.
    I was privilidged to stay in a Parradore and enjoyed hsving our washing done gor us and returned neatly foldrf snd smelling super clean. What a treat.


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