Appreciation of Life

I’m apprehensive and excited and I just want to get there now. Doing the rounds with my recent Camino talks, has brought the familiarity back. I can’t wait to get back into that space of freedom and openness. Back to a place where I can just be me and back to a place of unconditional love – an unspoken thread that exists between all pilgrims. To shed oneself of all responsibilities and duties is so liberating and it provides the space to contemplate and appreciate our lives. This Camino will be very different. I won’t have Gerard to lead me astray this time, but I will have my beautiful English friend Colleen to laugh with. We bonded in the fog and snow as we crossed the Pyrenees together and I will be forever grateful for her ridiculous sense of humour. For the first 10 days.

This Camino is the longest one in Spain. It is  about 1230 kms from Seville to Muxia.

Our footsteps are going to leave their metaphorical mark, I am sure, as we 3 women of substance, tread the path of the ancient Romans carrying the burdens of others to raise money for our chosen charities. Please donate to our causes. In my case, I walk for those that can’t. They really need your help. Also, If you wish to give me a sealed envelope containing your thoughts, sins or worries, I will carry that unopened to the end and symbolically burn it at Finisterre for you. 

PLEASE help me raise some money….

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