Back to the Land of Oz

What a whirlwind. I feel like Dorothy, like I’m in a dream of some sort, and that the tornedo has picked me up, swirled me around and dumped me in a strange land.

I’ve followed the path to my destination and I’ve shared time with some interesting characters along the way. I’ve found courage, my brain has expanded and my heart has opened. Still waiting for wisdom as the wizard does not seem to exist.

my six months in Spain has obviously come to an end and the return home to Australia has been an interesting one. The culture shock is enormous and as anticipated, I’ve had to navigate through some interesting and difficult shit!

The problem with returning home is that life just goes on around you. People are happy to see you again but they are not interested in where you’ve been and what you’ve done. They can’t possibly understand it and it leaves you feeling quite isolated. I didn’t travel with a friend or partner so I have no one to say ‘remember this?’ Or ‘wasn’t it funny when?…’

I have sold up and moved to queensland, so although the road trip up here was fantastic fun, I need to stop a while and rest. There has been no wicked witch involved and no flying monkeys,

but the adventures are certainly memorable and so worthwhile. Camino friendships provided me with wonderful overnight stays and I am ever so grateful to you all. 🙏🏼💜.

So here I am in the Emerald City. Life is changing yet again for me as our family awaits the birth of a new baby and I get to witness my grand daughters achievements and growth. Family time awaits and I will settle in and contemplate what has perhaps been one if the best years of my life. For now I will take time out and write my next epistle.

Santiago remains deep in my heart but it is nice to be home, appreciating the journey of courage, love and mind space that the “yellow brick road” (or in this case, the “yellow arrows” took me on.

5 Replies to “Back to the Land of Oz”

  1. Hey Maggie, know just how you feel. Like an immigrant in your own land. You’ve changed but home hasn’t – except that you’re making it change too! Post-Camino Blues are very real. Catch you soon …. maybe in Maldon?😇


  2. I dont know you, dont know how I received your blog, but I too walked 750kms to Santiago 2 years ago with my husband and understand your return-home joy/disappointment. What you have experienced is yours alone, those you return to cannot possibly appreciate our understand your journey. I’ve enjoyed following your time in Spain, glorious Spain! I will return next year as a holidaymaker, to revisit the south, but not Santiago….will remember that with tears of joy! What a journey you have had….Diana
    PS I live in Mudgee, central NSW

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  3. Welcome home young lady all the very best ,wishing you a great new adventure..You have been a great inspiration to many and will be in the future…looking forward to your next blog already..hope to meet you one day on the yellow arrows…Alain

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