WARNING- don’t read if you are Catholic!!! (You may be offended )

It’s been a while since I posted a blog and I have no idea where the time has gone. School was changed to afternoons for two weeks and it has thrown my routine out badly. I’m used to the delight of afternoon siesta now. It has not been possible because of school and it is most inconvenient!

I need to go back to where I left off- in Padrón, home of the famous Padrón peppers, the poet Rosalia De Castro, the largest open air market in Galicia and its connections to St James and the Camino De Santiago. Our albergue was pretty nice too! I love the bunks that have privacy curtains

Albergue de Corredoira

Padrón peppers
Rosalía De Castro

Sunday’s in Padron are market days. The town is smothered under a blanket of flowers, vegetables, clothes and plants. The air is thick with the scent of roses, hot churros and other culinary delights. There is texture with so many cheeses, hams and sausages, Colour with the flowers, and character with the local women dressed in their pinafores and gumboots. The place is alive!

We found our way to a small bar in the quiet part of town. Not a spare inch of the counter, walls or ceiling was free from pilgrim memorabilia. The bar owner, looking remarkably like my uncle, swallowed me in a huge bear hug that was filled with compassion and love. He genuinely cares for pilgrims and it shows.

moving on to the church of Santiago near the river, Monica took a few moments to reflect. It is beautiful in there and had a terrific atmosphere.

I apologise to my catholic friends, but apart from being quite disturbed by the gruesome replica in the glass box looking remarkably like Gonzalo, I find it equally disturbing to look at the violent and gruesome statues in these churches. It’s all about death….and what is with the arrows in the poor little cherub (or whatever he is). It’s bad enough that he is wearing such terrible underpants. I’m sure his mum wouldn’t have let him out if the house in the morning wearing those !

6 Replies to “WARNING- don’t read if you are Catholic!!! (You may be offended )”

  1. Hi Maggie, I grew up in a Catholic family and am not offended either!

    I do think that historically the church does depict a lot of gloom and darkness.

    It is always nice to read your blog and I’m sorry that you’re missing out on your siestas and having to adjust to a different routine because of school. I met you at the launch of your book which inspired me to follow my fantasy of walking some of the French way in 2017.

    I did enjoy rushing back to my lodgings at siesta times and then enjoying the longer sociable evenings.

    I love your blog, which almost always triggers itchy feet and a thirst for adventure. I must tell you, I absolutely love your beautiful photos too.

    Looking forward to reading much more from you and wishing you heaps of wonderful experiences in Santiago and waaay beyond!

    Roberta xx

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  2. Hello – I’m Catholic and I read it and I’m not offended. I clearly state up front , I’m not trying to persuade or explain as if you need explanation. I’m not sure I can explain it or that I even want to do so, but I’ll say this. Catholicism in that part of the world – and in this hemisphere, influenced by Spain, Portugal, Italy to some extent, has some very challenging visuals. As you noted! Even in a more western Catholic Church, people who are not Catholic, and some who are, wonder aloud why we show Christ crucified, even if not as starkly so!

    The simple answer- and it’s not going to sound great, is that at the heart of life is death and death is new life. I told you it wouldn’t sound great.

    The original point of pilgrimage is that very walk to death of something and new life thereafter.

    But the images in many churches are quite startling and disturbing. And potentially even more so when the figure under glass is a real body! Although for me, the made up bloody bodies are worse.

    Catholicism is clearly not for everyone. I have to wonder about myself every day, but that’s part of my own faith journey, such as it is.

    Anyway, as I said earlier, not trying to persuade or anything. Keep enjoying Spain. I’m vicariously visiting through your social media. And I want some peppers !!!

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