Another Adventure Begins

Hello again everyone!

My daughter asked me the other day why everything I do is so EPIC… I hadn’t thought of things that way but looking at my life, I can see she is right. I do like a challenge and I am a risk taker so most of my adventures involve out -of-the-box and spontaneous excitement ( and terror) with virtually no forethought. Once again, I have thrown myself to the mercy of whoever is up there above and I’m waiting to see what unfolds.

28 hours of Travel, airports and questionable food, my poor suffering body found its way to Santiago.

I quickly forgot the travel bubble I’d been in, the confined spaces of airplanes, paranoia about germs, and indeed the guy beside me who spent the whole flight from Barcelona to Santiago giving himself a manicure the Kardashian’s would envy. He even finished with the application of a hand cream massage that smelt so divine I wanted to eat it.

Exhausted on arrival, I was treated to a beautiful glass of red(thanks to Rui) and Gonzalo’s freshly cooked tortilla, I showered and passed out. The house is enormous and being used to a bathroom that you couldn’t even swing a cat in, I feel I can get lost in this palace overlooking the mountains of Galicia. I went to bed wondering what I have done to deserve such a life and I’m so excited for my new adventure, so grateful for such fabulous friends and really looking forward to seeing what unfolds this time. Not planning works for me!


We had no coffee in the house this morning so as Gonzalo had to work, we dropped into his favorite cafe for breakfast. 1-2 euros gets you a great coffee here and food is always served free with any drink you order. Breakfast taken care of!😳

I walked around absorbing the atmosphere of old town. There is already a buzz in the air as pilgrim slowly swell the population. Santiago is gradually coming to life after a cold winter.


I decided to splurge on my first day here in Santiago de Compostela so I’m sitting in one of my favorite restaurants with a glass of wine and spinach ravioli with four cheese sauce. How can you go wrong in a restaurant with checked tablecloths? I’m eating Italian in Spain. Sorry but I already miss Italian food and OMG it’s good!!!

I love the way people leave coins on the bricks in the wall. It’s a Spanish thing.

Having now devoured the plate of extreme deliciousness and completely obliterated the good I did this morning of walking 12,400 steps, but I’m a happy girl and life couldn’t be better right now.

Here are some photos of my morning walkbeautiful streets and alleyways of Santiago alameda park

Gonzalo picked me up mid afternoon and we then went shopping for house things. He only moved in the day before so there was still a lot of stuff to unpack and stuff to purchase. I love going to supermarkets in other countries to see their food. Our trip to the ‘deli’ took about half an hour as we watched the ladies carve paper thin, transparent pieces of ham. It was ?fascinatingI was more interested in the chain mail glove and arm protection!

When we got back to the house, our next door neighbour dropped in for a quickie (drink that is). He is none other than Michael, the man behind the Wise Pilgrim books and app.

I think I drank a little too much wine so I poured myself into bed again happy and ready to refresh for another day in my version of heaven. (14,000 steps)

15 Replies to “Another Adventure Begins”

  1. I am so happy to have found this blog and to hear of your adventures as I plan my Camino trip. I love how I learn things, for example, I had never heard of the Kerry Camino.


  2. Great reading, so good you take the time to share your experiences, pics also great.
    Love the Wise pilgrim app, was very helpful, download The VDLP one not long ago.
    Thank Michael for me on such great recourses.
    Thank you Margaret for sharing your adventures. Always great to read.

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  3. Hi Margaret ,

    Sue here from Hobart – we had a catch up at the great Spanish restaurant in Seaford last year (or was it the year before?🤔).

    I have just read your post with curiosity, and am wondering how long you are back in Santiago for? It sounds like a great start- and setting up house makes me think that you may be here for a little while?

    I am back in Barcelona for the next 4-6 months – so feel free to drop me a line or catch up if you are down this way!

    Last year I did 4 days on the Kerrie Camino in Ireland; and then a month later spent another week walking from San Sebastian to Bilbao – truly wonderful!!… hope to find time to do a bit more this year as well – perhaps Bilbao to Santiago or A Coruna or Ferrol to Santiago to finish each of those Camino journeys off!

    Looking forward to hearing a little more re your next adventure!

    Warm regards Sue Sue Frendin

    EMAIL: PHONE: +61 (0) 412324058 MAIL: PO Box 112, South Hobart, Tasmania 7004



    1. Hi Sue
      Of course I remember you. Im afraid I won’t get over your way at all as I’m going to school here in Santiago. I’ll be here for 4-6 months. I love the sound of the Kerry camino. Well done. I’m hoping to walk the Primitivo while I’m here this time


  4. Enjoyed reading the first post in this part of your Blog Marg. New Beginnings and new experiences, yet old experiences as well. Looking forward to following along with your new Adventure. Also look forward to catching up somewhere in Spain in September. Please say Hi to Gonzalo for me. Hugs. xx

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  5. Enjoyed reading the first post in this part of the blog Margaret….Camino Blessings for now and, please say hi to Gonzalo for me. Big Hug. and hope to see you in Santiago or, somewhere in Spain in September. xx


  6. I am so happy for you….the song to celebrate is, Happy by Williams Pharrell..say hello to Santiago for me..this year will be from le puy to saint Jean pied du port and Santiago may be in another year or two ..keep safe enjoy life..Alain


      1. How exciting! Looking forward to your posts, here and elsewhere.
        Buena suerte. Que te vaya bien.


      2. John I’ve said before, I don’t think myself brave. I just think it seems that way to some people because it is something they feel they could not do themselves. It just takes a big leap of faith!

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