Wow-Cantabria is beautiful

What a beautiful part of Spain this is. Looking out over the Cantabrian Sea this morning, it was breath taking.

We were all so full after last nights dinner that we could barely eat breakfast, so we went for a wander. We were off the Camino in a town called a Liencres, a place known for its ‘dunes’, so we decided to walk down to the ocean and have a look. We ambled through fields, agog at the size of the mountains in the background, thankful that they would not be on today’s agenda, and within no time, we had walked 5 or 6 kilometres without even noticing. The views from the cliff top were amazing but I felt like I was back in Australia again. The coastline here is much the same as at home, a comment made by my daughter when I sent her a photo. Still, I love the rugged cliffs and sandy pristine beaches.

Came across some beautiful donkeys but they were being protected by some oversized dogs that really didn’t like me being so close to the fence, but I managed to get a photo, and then we completed the circuit in time for check-out of the hotel and and have a desperately needed drink to whet our parched throats. (It was warm and windy).

Gerry’s brother and sister in law surprised him yesterday in the same way that I did, so he has had an unexpectedly fun birthday. They have hired a car, so we bundled into it this afternoon and moved on to Santillana del Mar, a town that infers it is by the sea but really isn’t.

I feel as if I’m in a medieval French village with narrow cobbled streets, sandy coloured brick buildings An atmosphere of times gone by. Window boxes adorned with red geraniums hang by the balconies and tiny shops are recessed into the walls. It is really beautiful here. Our hotel is like a Parador, furnished with antiques, carpeted stairs and portraits everywhere….stunning. I’m yet to explore the town but I’m going to park myself here for a few days.

View from my room-rooftop garden

The others all leave tomorrow, which will be sad. However, I know I will be seeing Colleen again next year as she will walk a Camino whilst I am living in Santiago for a few months. I will be there to greet her by the cathedral when she arrives.

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