Oh No!!!!

Our first hiccup has come along in the form of a huge blockage for my esteemed co-leader of the group.

Katy and her husband have been travelling around Spain a bit beforehand but when they got to the airport to fly to our meeting point, everything unraveled!

Flight delayed, Missed connecting flight, 6 hour wait for another flight, Frantic phone calls back and forth.

Meanwhile we sat in the bar with a cheeseboard, sampling several local wines, of course considering Katy’s unfortunate plight. We had to do something while we waited for her…😳🍷

So back at the airport… after another delay trying to get to Porto to join us, Katy finally gets a flight to Lisbon. More waiting as she tries in vain to get to us, but finds that as it is too late now, and there are no more flights to Porto today! The decision was made to stay the night in Lisbon and get a train to Porto tomorrow.

Now their luggage is lost!!!

There is also a taxi strike!!!!

Block after block😱😳🤔😢

We are on a schedule, so they will have to find us and catch up after their luggage is found. Why is this happening??

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