Swinging Doors and Morriña

Agh, two days ago I wrote probably the best entry ever and accidentally deleted it whilst chatting to someone on messenger! It has taken until now to pull myself together and I’m fighting jet lag big time.

I’ve been reminiscing about my trip and the people I’ve met along the way. The world is so small now and I have made some deep friendships. My heart felt torn in two as I winged my way back home. I have always felt I belong in Europe (well I am half Welsh). Yet, I love being Australian, I love where I live with the freshest air I’ve ever breathed, the four seasons in one day thing, the fact that I can have lunch on a beach, at a winery, a market or take my pick of the thousands of different country’s restaurants. My family is here.

I came home to wave goodbye to James and Chelsea as they set of on their Camino. Swinging doors! I’m so excited for them.

They will be back in September to get married on the Sunshine Coast, the day before I go back to Spain. Our lives are so tightly scheduled this year!

I have morriña for Spain and Australia. Im actually trying to work out how I can split life between the two. Galicia has engulfed me each time I go there.

It, and its people have completely gripped my soul. It calls me with such intensity. Who would ever have thought this country bumpkin girl would end up wanting to live in Spain?

The Galician people that I met are proud of their ancestry, not materialistic, and only work to earn ‘enough’. Quality of life is all important. They have it right. I was 60 by the time i realized this!

Watch this space …

14 Replies to “Swinging Doors and Morriña”

  1. Hello Margaret, I’ve just ordered your book & am looking forward to reading it. I happened upon Chelsea & James’ Live periscope stream last night by chance which has set off a chain of events!
    Firstly, my name is Paddy & I’m from NZ & l have a friend just completing the Camino de Santiago right now & two more hoping to do it within the next 4-6months. I have only just in the last hr found out about the last two after I recommended your book & suggested they should do the trail while they’re currently in the Northern hemisphere. Surprise, surprise, they were already thinking of doing it!. So, I’m sure your book, which I’ve sent them the link for, will inspire them.
    It is not in the realms of possibility that I’ll ever do the Camino de Santiago but I look forward to taking the journey vicariously through your book & your blog, as well as Chelsea’s (Yopickles) Live periscope streams of her & James journey for their last 16 days on the trail.
    I had never heard of the Camino de Santiago until my NZ friend recently began posting her photos on FB of her experiences this last month there .
    I apologise for this rambling post but am excited to follow your adventure.
    Bye for now


    1. Thank you Paddy. That is exactly why I wrote the book and all my blog entries….hopefully to inspire people. I hope you enjoy reading it all. I’m in the process of adding my vlogs and more photos so check back sometime and have another look. I’m going back in September too. Thank you for your kind words 💜

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  2. Wow! Love this post as it touched a chord in me… I too, am decided between these 2 countries: Australia and Portugal (but again I have never been to Galicia…)

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  3. Busy year! You sound so happy. Grab every bit you can. It can all change in an instant. You are quite right about quality of life. Enjoy. xxx

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