Day 2 Lisbon

Gosh I was tired last night! I stayed in town and had a few wines along with dinner, wandered around the square and waterfront,then walked back to my digs. (Its a long way and luckily it doesn’t get dark till really late)

This morning I decided to go to the Aquarium. Not something I would normally do but I heard it is amazing. After realising that the local bus goes into town from right outside my door, (doh!),I hopped on and went to buy a ticket for the Hop on- hop off bus so I could get around a bit easier. Went to the market too and realized I was walking in Andrew Suzuki’s footsteps when he was here filming. Hi Andrew!

I am now a Portuguese tart expert, connoisseur and official taster! I have found good capuccino with choc on top and I’m settling in like a native.

I have to say that the aquarium was really fantastic. The fish have a wonderful habitat and the highlight was Tikashi Amano’s art installation of the underwater forest (which is why I went there). I sat in that room letting the japanese music float me away and I meditated for 20 minutes or so. What an experience! Photos just don’t show how incredible it is. The water moves, the bushes and branches move with the water and electric blue fish weave their way through all the branches. It was so peaceful and graceful. I loved it!

and then I turned the corner….fish on the menu??? Take the kids to see the lovely fish and then eat them??? Great!

I’m starting to feel the let down of holiday ending and the thought of reality is hanging in the shadows. I’ve just had lunch, cappuccino and lime pie. Looking out at the sea with its cloak of grey clouds and threatening rain, I’m wondering what to do with the rest of my day. I could easily stay in this restaurant, and probably if I had company, I would do just that, but I guess I’ll just wander back to pack my bags as I have to move on tomorrow again.

Thanks for reading my blogs. I really was feeling like I was talking to myself. It is nice to hear from home. People don’t realize that. Yes, I’m having so much fun, but I miss you all and want to know what’s going on back home. I don’t want to make you all feel that I am bragging but I’ve been told that you like to hear what is going on as I take off on my adventures. It has worked out so much better than I imagined this time and i keep hearing Steve saying ‘you make your own luck’. I know I’m lucky but yes, I got off my arse to make it happen.

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