Day 1 in Lisbon

I have settled into my little apartment which is on the edge of town, and I actually cooked a meal last night. I have only two rooms at the top of a very narrow staircase but it is comfortable and clean – home for the next few days.

I got up early today and after spending quite some time with the uncooperative shower head and it’s erectile dysfunction, I managed to wash my hair and actually cook some breakfast.

I have walked 18 kms around the city of Lisbon (the equivalent of a day on the Camino). There is so much to see and I’m trying to fit it all in. Those who have watched my movies and read my blogs will remember Siriya, the 80 something year old lady I met when bedbug-gate happened. She is in Lisbon!

We met up for lunch in a posh hotel at the top of town and then she took me to the book festival. She is hard to lose in a crowd as she is just a radiant streak of purple cloth, her beautiful white hair glows in the sun and she envelopes everyone she meets in her energy. What a sweet soul she is. I remember thinking on the Camino how she is so comfortable in her own skin and it is hard not to believe that she is 20 years younger.

(she made me take a selfie)

I had a wonderful day with her today. We went to St Jorge’s Castle, climbed all the stairs and marvelled at the view from atop. We found the ‘wine with a view’ cart and we went to heaven eating Portugues tarts fresh from the oven, their flaky pastry falling in our laps as we savoured the indescribable deliciousness of the warm custard filling. (Drooling writing this)

We got lost, but wouldn’t have found this wonderful surprise if we hadn’t gone down the wrong street. Outside all the houses, were paintings (portraits) of the people who live in them. How cool!

Anyway, I said goodbye to Siriya and we went our separate ways late in the afternoon. I wandered along the waters edge a bit, visited the beer factory, and then sat with a nice little glass of Mateus Rose in the sun before steeling myself for the long walk back to my apartment.

I’m exhausted!

9 Replies to “Day 1 in Lisbon”

  1. Ooh, the warm custard tarts sound divine. I laughed about the shower head problem. Bathrooms all around the world are a challenge, don’t you find? Universal fittings and bathrooms certainly don’t go together! Keep having a wonderful time.

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  2. Love the blog and pics, looks like another amazing adventure!! Living and loving life !!!!
    Go Go Go !!!!


  3. Thx again Margaret
    I am totally tittilated(not in the sexual sense) by your description of the shower head’s ED syndrome……talented…..😂


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