Lost Track of Time!

Where I left off was the beginning of an absolutely wonderful adventure with the handsome Spanish taxi driver. We went everywhere, ending each day at nearly midnight! I just don’t know where to start as this interval in my Camino trip has been so fantastic. Aside from taking me to his favourite haunts, like the cocktail bar, we went to beautiful parks and gardens, road tripped right down the coast to visit all his favourite towns. I have eaten SO much wonderful food. The other night we had a seafood platter that was so fresh it nearly crawled off the table itself. Crab, crab claws, mussels, pippies, prawns….oh yum! And we even took a photo of my plate to show what a piggie I was! (Just didn’t photograph the drool and mess that went with it.)

I drank too much that night and couldn’t sleep. That’s a rare thing for me. I’m like a doll. When I lie flat, my eyes close and for the next 6 hours I’m unconscious, so a strong coffee in the morning enabled a walk around the harbour and the Parador Hotel, an old fortress. Just took it slowly.

I was standing on the turrets, watching the sun sparkling on the water and noticing how there seemed to be very little difference in the colour of the sky and the sea, when a pod of dolphins appeared. How beautiful!

Tanya, my new bestie American pilgrim friend, is looking for a place to buy and turn into an albergue. Yes, there are a few around but the one she is looking at seems extraordinary. I can see myself coming back to help her paint and renovate. This albergue will be right on the coastal Camino in Oia, with views of the monastery, the beach and the mountains from every window. I hope she gets it. The handsome taxi driver did some smooth negotiating and translating, and the deal is on the way, but this is Spain, so who knows what will happen.

These few days were so fun packed. We travelled everywhere, and even went up a river on a boat as the sun was setting, casting its golden glow over the tiny vineyards on the rivers edge. They apparently produce the best wine in the region and the vines are all on such steep inclines and terraces. Amazing.

Another late night and then back to Santiago. I was trying to find somewhere to stay when I got a message from fellow Canadian author Sue Kenney, who had a spare room booked at San Martin Pinario….did I want it? Great timing! So I had another stay in the monastery. Another random happening- so perfectly timed.

Santiago has gripped my soul. I absolutely love the energy, the music and the people.

I know lots of people walking the Camino this year. I had drinks with Sue and met her lovely Steve, I had dinner with Kate, dinner with Jeannie, coffee with JohnnywalkerSantiago, a brief meeting with Sybil Yates from the forum, and will hopefully meet Blaise when she reaches town on Saturday or Sunday. I sadly missed Brendan by a whisker, as he is back in Australia.

The weirdest thing is that people have come up to me, recognising me because of my book! And to go with that, I have had strange happenings, like meeting that salty weather beaten sailor who walked for 11 years, catching the lady who fainted, and my evening with the Scottish girls and the opera singer.

Then there is my lovely new friend, the handsome taxi driver who has given me the experience of a lifetime.

I joked at first about how I got in his cab and trusted him, wondering where he was taking me and wondered if it would be the last anyone saw if me or maybe he was taking me to see his grandmother….(I actually met his mother today!….does that count?)😂

Anyway, it’s been a blast! I always had the feeling this Camino trip would be different but I could never have imagined all of this.

I actually have t bothered with blogging much this time. I’ve been to busy socialising – there will be more to come but not in any particular order.

I am now in a town called Ferrol. It is up north, where the pilgrims used to arrive by boat from England and walk down to Santiago. I am going to walk the Ingles Camino now, so watch this space!

8 Replies to “Lost Track of Time!”

  1. My dear Maggy,
    This is wonderful!
    All this is the return on what you givr on the Camino.
    So enjoy! What a life you are living for someone who did not want to change a thing to her life when she started this adventure…..

    Liked by 1 person

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