Coming Down from the Camino….

Although I reached Finisterre, my travels have not yet ended. We rented an apartment for two nights nearby in Corcubion, so we could drive the coast and have a look around. Got up early this morning and went to Finisterre again to watch one last sunrise, and the rain cleared especially for us. The crazy mass of people from yesterday had gone and it was so peaceful and meant so much more. Whilst waiting for the sun to peep from behind the clouds, we sat in the car to warm up a bit. Gerry nonchalantly commented that he could see a goat in the rear vision mirror, and I turned around to be greeted by this beautiful face! It’s like he was surprised to see us and was quizzically saying WTF?I wandered over to him and found a herd (about 6 or 8 of them ) climbing up the cliff to get some greenery for breakfast. Such a random and unexpected gift!

Satisfied that Finisterre was done and dusted, ticked off the list, we went in search of breakfast and drove to Muxia. What a beautiful place. I hadn’t been there before. We walked over the rocks towards the church and bumped into the Korean  girls once again. We hugged and said goodbye for probably the last time. Colleen wandered off to sit on a rock and do her ritual with the pebble she was carrying for a friend, and the notes she carried for others. I wandered off to climb to the top of the hill and take in the view. I sat amongst the ancient Celtic ruins and sent my thoughts and love with the wind. I prayed for those whose hopes and wishes I carried with me all the way from Australia. I cried again and felt the power of the ocean below, the gale force wind and the energy of the earth.

We then moved on to Cee and further around the coast to find the ‘whale beach’. This place has special meaning for Colleen so we stopped and spent some time there. We picked up some tiny scallop shells on the beach. 

And then we moved on to the waterfall. 
Colleen and Gerry are heading home tomorrow and I must say goodbye to my constant companion for the last 7 weeks. We met on the Camino Frances and only spent 10 days together, yet we have managed to have such a wonderful time and so many laughs. I am filled with respect and love for this strong and beautiful soul and I feel really blessed to share this experience with her. I have been so lucky. I cannot imagine what it is going to be like not being able to sit and chat over lunch or something, as she lives on the other side of the world and who knows when or if I will ever see her again…. Such is the Camino.

I have a day to fill in tomorrow so I will go back and stay a night in Muxia. I feel a need to spend more time in this magical place and I need a day alone before I hit the hustle and bustle of Santiago.

5 Replies to “Coming Down from the Camino….”

  1. Beautiful words Stotty- what an emotional time- those images are stunning once more….. hope u will b ok now on your own, it might feel like half of you is missing!😟 I bet u catch up sometime again…… hope so. Take care Stotty, more steps to take , more plans to make…. love, megxxxxxxxx


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