In Ourense! 112 kms to go

The clocks turned back an hour so we took our time leaving. The morning mist is so beautiful but we didn’t see the sun rise because the mountains were in the way

It was a gentle walk today, mostly on flat land but we felt a little nervous as we could hear shotgun blasts in the forest we were walking through. We came across many hunters and their dogs along the path, and we knocked off the first 8 kms very quickly as we walked quite quickly to get through the forest. Again, we walked through some beautiful little villages, past heaps of veggie patches, lots of dogs and cats and just meandered along enjoying the scenerythe farmers are tilling their land ready for the next crops. We walked past a huge pile of steaming pooAnd then we walked into another forest. This is real Galicia now with its damp air, moss covered rocks and stone fences, oak and chestnut trees which are dropping their leaves and fruit onto the rocky paths. The smell is amazing, the colours so vibrant as Autumn turns to winter. It has a ‘feel’ about it and you imagine goblins and fairies hiding. Butterflies and moths flitter around you and you hear nothing but the birds. It really is magical.

Then the forest spat us out again and there was another mountain to climb. Not quite as big but it was steep (both up and down) with lots of loose rocks and gravel

Then, when we came down into the town, Colleen’s husband (Gerry) was waiting. He is joining us for the last 100kms. He is a fellow churro lover so I’m excited about this. We’ve already had our first stop!

Here’s a taste of the night life in town… The Plaza Mayor in Ourense (the equivalent distance from Santiago as Sarria on the Camino Frances)

​I was quite thoughtful today, knowing that there is only 112kms to go and that I’m nearing the end. It has all happened so quickly yet when I think back to where I’ve been, where I began, and where I am now, I have see SO much and had some wonderful adventures. This Camino has exceeded any expectations and it has surprised me with its raw beauty, especially up in the mountains. The weather has been extreme, the scenery has been mind blowing and I’ve been lucky enough to have a great travelling companion. I certainly couldn’t have done this on my own and certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed it anywhere near as much. It has been tough, fun and very tiring, but what a ride!

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