El Cubo de la Tierra del Vino

Well we are now in El Cubo de la Tierra del  Vino in a wonderful albergue. We have a private room, the hospitalero has cooked us a really yummy dinner which we ate by an open fire and our bones have finally warmed. We met up with the Korean girls again, and met some new people…. A German, and a Brazilian. Brendan, the Scottish/Australian arrived this afternoon too and he kept us entertained in the bar for a couple of hours. He is very funny and can do an Australian accent so perfectly. In fact, there is nothing to do here in this little town, so we sat in the bar to stay warm, and gingerly ate some toast. So many characters wandered in and out. What else can you do here on a Saturday afternoon? Is there no shame? This ‘mamil’ had something on like a mankini! It was gross. The locals were all sniggering and staring in disbelief but he thought he looked great! I couldn’t get a frontal but I don’t think you want to see it anyway.

My tummy is still a bit dodgy and Colleen was sick again in the early hours of this morning. She is not able to do any walking so we got the bus. We have to keep moving forward so we keep up with our schedule. Here’s hoping she gets better soon so we can walk again. We miss it!

So there are not many photos today and not much news. I’m now sitting up in the cosiest bed ever. We have very fluffy warm sheets, pillowcase, and a thick warm blanket. Orders are NOT to use a sleeping bag! We have found so far that only the municipal albergues don’t have sheets. This must be a measure to stop bed bugs (which thankfully we haven’t experienced so far!)

So good night all. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day 🙏🏼

One Reply to “El Cubo de la Tierra del Vino”

  1. For most Camino small villages, bar is where the action is, and pilgrims congregate there. Cosy ambience, and drinks to boot, not to mention the banter. All good for the soul. The only thing I objected to was cigarette smoke. Wish you complete recovery soon, so your journey resumes. Good photos (thanks for omitting the ‘full frontal’: con-fronting).


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