Not feeling very witty and no real adventure to speak of. This is just a diary post and photos of  Salamanca, mainly as reference for myself as a journal

Yesterday, as I said previously, we had to catch the bus because Colleen was so unwell and it would have been madness to walk. We checked into a hotel and wandered a little bit, got a bus to Decathlon, and purchased some warm clothes. It knocked Colleen around a bit so we went back to the hotel to rest. We went out later and found a student hangout with really cheap tapas, so we ate and went to bed. She seems to be on the mend now!

Today was better, and we managed to wander around most of the old town. We found bacon and eggs for breakfast! This is a rare thing here and my stomach is either brewing the gastro or it was just too oily after such bland food. We went to the cathedral and I had to leave. Breakfast went straight through me but I don’t feel sick though. Guess I just have to wait and see what happens.😬

 We posted some of our summery clothes forward to Santiago, found a chemist to stock up on stuff we needed and then found our way to the hotel we had already booked a few days ago, as we were supposed to arrive here today. It is very posh and looks out over the cathedral.

Our room overlooks the cafe area of our hotel- just built into the ruins of an old church
So pretty at night. Lapping up the luxury before we move on. 

  1. Salamanca was such a surprise and I couldn’t stop taking photos. We have bumped into a few other pilgrims that we know but everyone seems to be finishing here. We are the only ones walking to Santiago so we have to make new friends now. This is always so hard! Our French friends, Salvadore Dali and Patrick found us in the town square. We haven’t seen them for days and we found that they have been sick too. Seems EVERYONE has had the bug!!!!! We said a sad goodbye to them, and wandered off to our student bar to have another cheap meal. We ambled through the little alleyways and bar hopped. Found a great little jazz bar! We walked down to the Roman bridge that separates old from new Salamanca, took heaps more photos, and came back to our room.
    Original entry porthole into the city
    Tomorrow we move on. We have loved it here. I hope my stomach repairs itself tonight. It’s been a bit dodgy😟I

5 Replies to “Salamanca”

  1. Sorry to hear you tribulations still linger about. The wise thing you did was to rest. Diary or not, still interesting, and the night photos of Salamanca a treat. I am not mentioning where the ‘Running of the pigs’ leads. I’ll do that in the next sentence: jamón; jamón; jamón serrano. For a carnivore, Salamanca is heaven.


  2. Looks so wonderful both in the sunlight and at night.I look forward to experiencing it.Hope you both keep well now.Did you buy an Orange SIM card or another brand ? Thanks


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