Hallelujah -All is Well

Well rested after a night of luxury, we took off early this morning. It was freezing, only about 8 degrees, so we managed to get the first 10 kilometres under our belt quite quickly. Amazing what a difference the temperature makes. 

We watched the sun rise and took photos again, wondering how many sunrise photos can you take?! But every one is different, beautiful and so colourful. 

It was a beautiful walk today. Heaps of granite rocks, gum trees, cork trees and a slow uphill gradient. The ground was a little softer too. Our French friends have kept us laughing most of today. They are so happy. They danced for us at one point and later we found them having a rest. Salvador Dali waved his sausage at us as we sauntered past. 

We walked through a National Park today.

rough terrain
chillies drying in the sun

We are now in a monastery (in a cell). They will cook a communal dinner and we   Have to go to mass at 7 first. I just saw Sun (a lovely Korean pilgrim) out the front waiting for a taxi to take her to hospital. It looks as though her Camino may be over as she has badly damaged a knee ligament I think. She was so upset. 

Colleen has Jesus above her bed. 

2 Replies to “Hallelujah -All is Well”

  1. Another fab post Stotty- looks and sounds so much more fun(except for poor Colleen) than the very challlenging beginning…all that climbing up mountains, stoney roads and hellish heat… that gorgeous accom . Looks magnif.! Love that pool! So far away from typical tourist hospitality! And no, not getting tired of stunning sunsets! Ok, onward ho! Love you, Pilgrim Stotty xxxxxm

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