Day 2 – this is tough but loving it

Today was much better. It began in the dark after an early breakfast and still tired from yesterday, Colleen and I left the hostel/bar with great flourish, waving to everyone and thanking them for their hospitality, wishing other pilgrims a Buen Camino, only to turn up the road having no idea which way to go! We felt too embarrassed to go back so we ended up wandering a bit and then asking directions from a group of creepy men out the front of a cafe. Hoping they hadn’t sent us in the wrong direction, we set off with a spring in our step and found ourselves on a long walk along the roadside. Not much fun and a tad scary. Colleen had a panic attack on the bridge coz she is frightened of heights and we couldn’t stop laughing about it, even though it was real and terrifying for her. She kissed the pole on the other side of the bridge! 
We didn’t expect to see many other people walking this Camino but apparently there are more than ever, and that makes us feel a little safer. It certainly isn’t marked very well in the towns but once you are out in the country, it is very well marked. We expected more of the same as yesterday but today’s walk was beautiful, once off the roadside. It opened up to wide open paddocks with lines of olive groves and orange groves. The path itself was really rocky and hard going underfoot.  Needless to say, I have blisters!!!! My feet get so hot!

It is Autumn and everything is so dry. I really enjoyed today and we saw olives being harvested, horses, and cows with bells on-and the very familiar stench of cow dung permeated the air. The last half of the walk was a long slow climb uphill. This was ok until the sun came out! You know how I wilt in the heat! So out came the trusty life saving brolly again as we struggled with the last 7 kms of uphill walking in the heat. Thank god there was a bar at the top!

There is a saying that the ‘Camino provides’ and just when you need something, it appears. We asked for a rock to sit on so we could have a snack and air our feet, and were delighted to perch ourselves on a couple of uncomfortable boulders to do just that. However as we turned the corner after doing this, we found two lovely bench seats perfectly placed in the shade of some gum trees!

LESSON ONE-be patient. Let go and trust

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