‘Walking With Purpose’

Please help! I would like to raise some money to help others with my stroll across Spain this year. 

Centuries ago, pilgrims carried their sins along the Camino de Santiago and left them at the Santiago Cathedral at the end. Many were actually paid to carry the sins of others, and some walked the Camino as penance-exoneration at the end. Last year, I did carry someone’s guilt and burden with me, but I keep that private. Things for that person are much improved and I like to think that this spiritual aspect of my walk had something to do with it.  However, this time, I want to do something else…….

I would like to offer you the chance to have the burden of your sins, regrets, sorrows etc lifted off your shoulders. You can inbox me, send me a private letter(which will remain unopened), or email me with your thoughts to be absolved. I will carry them on MY back from Seville to Santiago for you. Alternatively you can just donate to one (or both) of my causes. 

1.     In January this year, Will Murray jumped off the Black Rock pier into shallow water and injured his spinal chord. He was 13 years old, a promising footballer. He loved sport and all things adventurous. A vibrant, energetic young boy who’s life was turned upside down that day. He is a partial quadriplegic and requires  constant care with expensive equipment , medical aid and rehabilitation therapies. This was a freak accident and throughout it all, Will (and his wonderful family) have been so stoic. I want to raise some money to help him and ease the financial burden. I will walk the Camino for Will.

2.     Many of you know that my husband died from Motor Neurone Disease… A degenerative nerve disease also known as ALS. It robs you of all muscular functions, taking away your dignity, your ability to eat, talk, walk, use your hands etc, but leaves your brain intact. It is a cruel and incredibly degrading disease, and research is desperately needed to find a cure. I will walk the Camino in his memory and carry a cornflower (fundraising symbol for MND) on my pack. 

Details of how to donate will follow soon. I am setting up a crowd funding page.

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