At Geneva Airport

The train ride was only an hour to Geneva, and although I saw the lake outside Annecy, it was an unremarkable trip. Just lots of trees! The hotel I stayed in was just across the road from the station, and as the hotel gave me a free travel card for public transport, I just hopped on a train this morning to the airport. Would have cost 40 francs if I got the taxi ( equivalent of 40 euros)!

I’m feeling really flat at the moment. I walked around town yesterday and found Geneva to be quite uninspiring after the beauty and character of France. I had an early dinner and climbed into bed by 6.30 and watched movies (in English!)  until about 11. Didn’t sleep well. I’m worried about Gerard as he emailed me that he is struggling to fit back in. My turn soon! It is going to be so hard.

Hate the airport ‘bubble’. I can’t work out if today is Tuesday or Wednesday and I  will be travelling for about 30 hours I think. Get home in the early hours of Friday morning, having lost a day because of the dateline. This calendar says it is the 10th, my daughter’s birthday. Wow! She is 35 today!  (Or yesterday)!  Happy Birthday presh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 Replies to “At Geneva Airport”

  1. Welcome home Stotty! This will be my last blog to u! Will so miss sharing yr travel log which i ve very much looked forward to each day!!!! Will be thinking of you, back in Sommy, first smooch with yr old dog, first sleep in yr comfy bed, your space… Your home.. Wish you lots of grace in settling back into the groove.. Lets catch up when you can, love you, Welcome home xm


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