In St Jean Pied de Port…

 Turned out quite easy to get here…early morning train to Bayonne and the bus to here. ( seems they are doing work on the train line) the bus was full of pilgrims, probably about half of them Australian! Was mildly amused listening to the German and the Italian talking about Australia and how we live on crocodile and kangaroo. WTF?

St Jean Pied de Port is such a quaint and beautiful town. I am staying right near the gateway to the Camino. It is pouring with rain. I have met another lady from the Sunshine Coast who is turning 70 and we just had lunch together. Seems we have done a lot of the same things in the past and she has even spent time in Sarlat ( my favourite place on earth) so she shares my passion. I have just organised for my small  ‘ after camino’ suitcase to be taken and stored in Santiago. I packed a few treats which I am sure will be so welcome at the end!

I have reported in to the Camino office and had my pilgrim passport stamped, packed lunch for tomorrow and now I am ready. These photos are of the view from my room… Those mountains look quite daunting. 


The other photos below are of the town. The trip here was wonderful. We passed through lots of tiny villages adorned with weeping wisterias and bluebells, green rolling hills and the most magnificent river, the likes of which I have only ever seen in northern Wales. I am excited now! 


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  1. hi maggie its anne here looks fantastic keep in touch I am excited for you you go girl lol have fun annie p

    On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 11:36 PM, Warren Paterson wrote:

    > > > On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 11:52 PM, My Camino Trip <


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