On my way at last



 I started my trip having slept through alarm, due to a late night after going out for dinner with Marc and James. I feel really seedy because I’m tired, so I had to just throw everything back in my backpack and race downstairs to the waiting limo. Yep, I went to the airport by limo to mark the ‘specialness’ of my trip. Why not!? (Forgot to mention that I stayed at Marc’s place in Brunswick last night).  I was greeted by the immaculately attired limo driver who treated me like a queen, even though I looked more like a troll because I was a bedraggled, scruffy haired, un showered mess. He was very professional and didn’t bat an eyelid. (Strange saying…what is batting?)  I can’t understand how I can be so organised yet so disorganised at the same time! (My kids are now rolling their eyes).  The result of thinking I could rearrange things when I get to Hervey Bay, is that I have no idea where anything is in my bag, so I still have work to do on that, but I am sure it will be alright on the night. 

An added bonus was that whilst sitting in the airport cafe, my beautiful friend Tina Owens arrived (looking wonderful at that time of morning-even had lippy on). What a welcome sight, and what a gift from such a caring person. Of course, those of you who know Tina, would not be surprised as she always does the unexpected, and this is what I love about her most. We shared a coffee and she gave me another envelope of ideas ( too complicated to explain ,but her gifts are always unique and wonderful). Such a true friend to drive to the airport from Beaumaris at 5 in the morning to have coffee with me and wave goodbye! I treasure this Tina. Thank you. And yet, to you, it was not even an effort!  I wish I could return the gesture next week when you fly off to Gallipoli but I’ll be a bit busy.

2 Replies to “On my way at last”

  1. What a wonderful surprise at the airport…bought a tear to the eye. What a very special moment to start with on your big adventure.
    Will be following you with great delight……..cant wait for the next episode
    Rainbows to you xx


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