The Decision

Where do I begin? …I’m so unfit….I’ve never hiked before…..what the hell am I thinking?!
These thoughts ran through my head for months before I actually committed to walking the Camino. I’d read about it nearly 30 years earlier and shelved the idea in the back of my mind, thinking I would do it someday. Over the years I had many signs. I read books about the Camino and I kept meeting people who had actually done it. The Camino was calling me.

As mature years approached, it started shouting at me. “Do it now before you get too old.” My kids were grown up, had left home and established their individual lives. I’d been in my job for 20 years and had plenty of long service leave owing, and I had no ties. I felt like I was ‘treading water’.
I was restless.

Although I still loved my work, I felt the Camino pulling me, teasing me. Little signs kept appearing…someone with a scallop shell necklace or tattoo, yellow arrows, movies about the Camino….so I decided to give myself the gift of the Camino for my 60th birthday in 2015.

A sense of reckless freedom took overand I began to plan. I set a timeframe, booked the flight and began the research. I had committed…very scary but so exciting.

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