And Just Like That, it is Over😢

I woke super early feeling quite parched and tired on my last day. The party was fun but I was a bit frayed around the edges, and setting off in the semi darkness just before dawn, I walked out the door in search of the prized yellow arrow.

The frosty air was wonderful and the walk was lovely once again. It is not like walking a long Camino and it is only 6 days walking, but it really is a beautiful walk and up there as a favorite. I didn’t want it to end and I kept stopping to take in the beauty of the gorgeous Galician countryside. I took pictures of the wild flowers and crunched up gum leaves, hooking them under my shoulder strap so the scent would waft up every now and again as they rubbed together. How do you capture these moments to share? I just cannot find the words to describe the Camino experience, the friendship and understanding between pilgrims.

I stopped to help an old couple on a farm I was passing, took off my pack and spent half an hour loading their trailer with wood that they had just chopped. The wife was struggling with the wheelbarrow and it toppled over. How sad that they have to do this. These people looked to be in their 80’s perhaps. I was so glad that I could help them, even though it was only for a little bit. She wanted me to stay and rest for a bit but I had a timeline and had planned to spend my last day with friends in Santiago, so I pushed on.

When I reached the outskirts of the city, I got a message from the handsome taxi driver…’where are you?’ And just like that, there he was. I was plucked out of my bubble and transported in the pumpkin carriage into Santiago. Such kindness is hard to comprehend, and I feel so very lucky.

Anyway he had his beautiful little bulldog with him and we went for coffee.

My friend Blaise had arrived in Santiago as well. She had walked the Camino Frances. We were staying in the same hotel, so I showered and we went for a walk around town and had lunch. It was really nice to see someone’s excitement at finishing their first Camino and we chatted for ages.

I then went downtown to meet with JohnnieWalker and report back to him about my Camino Ingles as I had a few things to tell him (he writes a guidebook for that walk). I met up with S Yates from the forum again and then went off with Gonzalo to meet Tanya who had come to town for a few days. We had a lovely afternoon wandering the park, stopped for tapas and then I went for dinner with Blaise.

Gonzalo took me to the station early next morning and my next adventure began….on to France.

Goodbye Santiago and your magical ways. your beauty has enveloped me and I cannot wait to return. I already feel the siren song and my heart feels heavy. (I have what is called morrina)

8 Replies to “And Just Like That, it is Over😢”

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and following your footsteps through your beautiful photos. I will miss them. Thankyou for sharing it all with us ❤

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  2. What a wonderful walk you have had! What I love most about the Camino is making connections with others…regardless of their age, background, language, etc. It enriches my life! Thanks for sharing you journey!!
    Mary Lynn
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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