Am I in England Now?

The reason we walked around the city walls last night was that we were lost! We had stayed too long at the bar and as these walled towns are set out in circles, we couldn’t find where we had come in. So instead of turning left, of course  we turned right,  and ended up walking the complete circumference of the town! The moon and sky was beautiful though and it was a lovely walk. It reminded me very much of Mont St Michel in France.

We were last to leave again this morning. We slept in until 7.30 as we only had a short walk to do. It was either a choice of 12kms or 31kms, so we chose the first. We are now installed in a municipal albergue which has been completely renovated and is so comfortable. We are the only people here in a dormitory of 14 beds! There is a kitchen, laundry, lockers,  and we even have crisp white sheets with bedspreads with hospital corners!So glad we left a bit later. We got to see the sun rise over the mountains in the distance as we crossed yet another beautiful Roman bridge 

You could be forgiven for thinking we are in England. It is really green-a feast for our eyes after some of the landscape we have traversed over the last couple of weeks. ​​


Most of today was road walking. Not ideal, and very hard on your feet, knees and body in general. But the scenery was beautiful as we passed green fields(talking like a Pom now! Colleen is English), hedgerows of blackberries, birch forests, bulrushes and lots of sheep and cows. 

We met some interesting characters today too
Thanks (not) to my brother,who after reading yesterday’s blog, sent me the complete words to The Lonely Goatherd….we have been singing it all bloody day! I hope it is not stuck in your heads as well! 

So as the day closes, and we are about to go in search of dinner, we are feeling good. It was a beautiful walk today and so refreshing to be surrounded by greenery. I am sure I’m the only Australian on the trail and we seem to be the only English speakers. There are a lot of Spanish, French, Dutch and Belgians here. It is nearly 6pm and we have just seen our first pilgrim for the day. It is certainly nowhere near as crowded as the Frances route! 

5 Replies to “Am I in England Now?”

  1. So loved these photos Stotty- i absolutely loved the ones of the cows staring and the little red beetle! My damn thing wouldnt let me reply!! I am enraptured each morning, and almost feel i m with you in Spain! Thankyou somuch for this feeling! Love you buddy, megxxx


  2. It really did look like very English countryside although, as someone who has only visited Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the area between them (and the Channel Islands), I am hardly an expert on the English countryside!!! Do watch many English TV programs though. Glad you are taking your time instead of trying for long marathon days. Hope your feet are okay after the road walking.


  3. Funnily enough Margaret, I DID have a wee look at UTube and listened to ‘that song’ and yes, it was stuck in my head also for the rest of the day. Anyway, keep strong, keep posting and, keep sending through those fabulous photos and, whilst you are walking, think about ‘The Guide Book’ you are going to be writing….just joking…Ultreya and some Hugs from home.

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