On The Road Again

So glad I stayed and made the trip to Samos! What a beautiful and magical place to be. I have toured the monstrous monastery and admired its walls adorned with murals telling stories about angels, devils and disease. I’ve admired the gardens, the architecture and all of its surrounds and I feel so at peace.  

My hotel is across the road, edging a forest hugging river that abounds with fish, ducks and geese. There is the slightest breeze and it is a warm balmy night, as can be seen by Antonio who had stripped to his undies  and waded out to soak his aching feet. Sorry girls, that I didn’t get a close up!   

  The moss on the trees is so green and spring has definitely sprung. I went into the tiny church along the path and sent my thoughts to the ether, and then plugged in my iPod and listened to Leonard Cohen as I ambled along the rivers edge, singing my heart out because there was no one around. If there was, they would have seen a mad woman dancing to the tune of “Dance Me to the a End of Love” (my favourite song) , Jacques Brel   “Ne Me Quitte Pas” and  k.d.lang’s version of “Hallelujah”. This all took me right along the river and back to the hotel. I am indeed a very happy woman tonight on the eve of my birthday and I couldn’t ask for better company!  


I took more photos but they are on the camera!

6 Replies to “On The Road Again”

  1. What a gorgeous place and how I laughed at the thought of you dancing around madly. Wonderful to be so carefree and happy. Hope your birthday has been every bit as good.

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  2. Happy happy Camino birthday TODAY! Love you Margie! Have loads of churros and some lovely sips! Loved your last blog, you ll always remember this very special birthday! Lap it up! Xxxxxm (will play Haleluiah, K.d’s, on my way to Langwarrin and sing it to u!)xxxmeg

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